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Beyond Expertise: Why Dr. Denisovich is Different

While many dental practices boast a team of specialists, Dr. Denisovich offers a unique approach. He embraces a diverse skillset encompassing a wide range of dental procedures, eliminating the need for referrals to multiple specialists. This provides several benefits for his patients:

  1. Seamless and Efficient Care:
    Imagine building a house. Each stage requires different skilled professionals, from architects to electricians to carpenters. If each subcontractor works independently, without a unified vision and expertise, the final result might not be optimal. The same applies to dental care. By handling multiple procedures himself, Dr. Denisovich ensures seamless integration and efficient treatment, eliminating the delays and potential miscommunications inherent in referring to different specialists.
  2. Superior Quality and Control:
    Consider a house with a faulty foundation. No matter how skilled the carpenter or roofer, their work will be compromised by the underlying structural issues. Similarly, in dentistry, the success of any procedure depends on a solid foundation. Dr. Denisovich mastery of various disciplines allows him to diagnose and address potential problems proactively, ensuring the long-term success of your treatment.
  3. Tailored Treatment Plans:
    Unlike specialists with a limited focus, Dr. Denisovich can envision the big picture of your dental health. He understands the complex interactions between different oral structures and your overall health, thus he can create a customized treatment plan that addresses all your needs, not just isolated issues. This holistic approach ensures optimal results and minimizes the need for future interventions.
  4. Enhanced Patient Experience:
    Imagine visiting multiple specialists for different dental concerns. The constant appointments, unfamiliar environments, and different treatment philosophies can be stressful. Dr. Denisovich provides a single point of contact, offering continuity of care and personalized attention. This fosters trust, comfort, and a deeper understanding of your unique needs and preferences.

Choosing Dr. Denisovich means opting for a dentist who goes beyond mere expertise. He offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to dental care, ensuring seamless, efficient, and high-quality treatment tailored specifically to your needs.
Experience the difference. Schedule your appointment today and discover the benefits of comprehensive dental care under one roof.

Ahead Of The Curve

with the latest training & techniques including Digital X-Rays, Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
and Sterilization Systems

Digital HAND HELD X-Ray

It is so safe that the dental assistant stays in the room with the patient while taking dental X-Rays!

Unlike the conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems, the NOMAD is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-powered), and can go anywhere. Numerous studies have proven it to be safer and overall a much more pleasant experience than wall-mounted systems.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

The Vatech Green CT 2 is the Gold Standard in image quality of the x-ray industry, and will greatly enhance Dr. Denisovich’s ability to assess your oral and dental needs.

Utilizing digital CT Scan’s & panoramic X-rays, helps us visualize your entire mouth instead of isolating selected areas. This full view is especially helpful in complex full-mouth reconstructions and in surgical procedures like wisdom teeth removal, placement of dental implants or performing a root canal.

Low Noise Drills

Are you scared of the noise a typical dental drill makes? Worry no more! We use super quiet, low-noise dental drills that give you peace of mind during a procedure.

Scared of Needles?

Almost everyone agrees that its their least favorite part of visiting the dentist. Rest assured, we take dental injections seriously. Providing the best topical anesthetic available, we are able to make dental injections almost painless. Our goal is to make sure you experience as minimal discomfort as possible.

Intraoral Camera

The Intraoral Camera utilizes State of The Art Wireless Technology with which we are able to capture images of existing dental work and point out any potential problem areas.

We are also able to effectively educate our patients on oral health and show before and after photos.


Are you receiving the best cleaning possible?

We are here to make sure that you leave your cleaning appointment with a super sparkling smile. By utilizing an ultrasonic machine with prophy jet technology, you can be rest assured your teeth are sparkly clean.

Materials & Techniques

We have selected only the best materials to provide our patients with quality dental work that will last. For example: We use METAL FREE CROWNS called BruxZir compared to traditional (PFM) metal crowns that are covered with porcelain. Watch the hammer test video to the left!


A “Touchless” cassette system combined with the best quality dental instruments are implemented in our office to make sure every single procedure is performed with confidence. After use, the instruments are stored in a cassette that enables proper sterilization.

Advanced Dental Implants

Straumann, one of the world’s most advanced implant systems is used exclusively in our office. Straumann offers some of the most advanced dental implant surfaces and high performance implant materials available. These award winning technologies are premium solutions designed to improve patient treatment, shorten treatment times, and make tooth replacement less intrusive.

Patient Entertainment

Enjoy your favorite show or a movie right from the dental chair!