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Dental plans that are from Delta Dental & Cigna are in network. As a service to our patients, our practice accepts most dental insurance plans including Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, BlueCross BlueShield, Metlife and United Healthcare. Please call to check if your plan is not listed!

We are experts at working with insurance providers to make sure you and your family get all the dental care you need. We will also e-file dental claims for you!

Dental insurance is very different from typical medical insurance coverage. For most preventive services, dental insurance may pay as much as 30-80% but only 30% for other major procedures. This is based on the contract between your employer and the dental insurance company.

Our patients take an active role in discussing with Dr. Denisovich their desires and choices for their dental health. Our office believes that patients should make their own treatment decisions regarding dental care and not influenced solely by insurance company coverage or policies.

When using dental insurance, we will first verify your coverage prior to any services completed, but we can not guarantee it 100%. If you want to be sure what your insurance will cover, we suggest that you contact them directly after your treatment plan has been recommended to you by Dr.Denisovich and you have list of dental codes that will help you communicate with dental insurance. It might take you few hours to get answers and always ask your insurance for documentation or paper trail of your conversation and what they told you will be covered including all the limitations and exclusions that apply to your specific policy.

We ask that you pay your portion at time of service and we will file and accept assignment from your insurance carrier. Our staff will gladly submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company for any major work. Remember that your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance provider, and therefore you are responsible for the payment of all professional fees regardless of the extent of coverage.

Choose Denisovich Dentistry for comprehensive dental care, expert insurance assistance, and transparent communication. We’ll help you maximize your benefits and achieve optimal oral health.

No insurance? No problem.

For those that do not have dental insurance, we offer our own in house dental plan. Contact us for more information

Aetna Insurance
Ameritas Group Insurance
Assurant Insurance
Cigna Insurance
Delta Dental Insurance
Metlife Dental Insurance
United Healthcare
Bluecross Blueshield

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